About Us

Global Edify is the L&D outfit of Pratian Technologies.

Its flagship programs powered by SkillAssure Framework has positively impacted thousands of young learners and aided their seamless transition from learners to most sought after IT professionals.

Our Vision

To transform people’s life by reinventing education

Our Goals - Create Thought Leaders

We create learning models, frameworks and systems that allow rapid enablement of people, nurture research & innovation skills, encourage entrepreneurship and augment leadership qualities.

We aspire to create several thousand young leaders who can offer holistic solutions to global problems by understanding the macro perspective and by skillfully collaborating with people across the boundaries, with a ‘heart at peace’

Our Mantra

Manifesting the Talent Within

Our Mission

Create Innovative Experiential Learning Systems that are learner centric, designed to make learning fun and engaging.

Create Smart Assessment Systems, discover talent and nurture them while they embark on their personalized learning paths.

Create an Open Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration System that allows young talents across geographies to exchange ideas and innovate.


Our Values


  • Honest and Authentic – across all transactions & relationships
  • Honour Commitments – on Behalf of Self, Team & Organisation
  • Walk The Talk


  • Devotion to Mission, Vision and Values
  • Pursue results and goals even under adverse circumstances
  • Open to continuous learning


  • Reframe the ‘problem’, as “a problem to solve” using alternative approaches
  • Challenge the status-quo and the conventional approach using ‘out of the box’ mindset
  • Continuously try something new, other than the obvious


  • Expand the boundaries, with no fear of failure
  • Raise the bar every time through continuous improvement
  • Deliver your best each time and every time


  • Be proactively alive and responsive - to the needs of the organisation, people and its customers
  • Work to build team commitment and spirit
  • Solicit inputs without prejudice and support team decisions

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