Campus 1000

Global Edify’s Campus 1000 is specifically designed for the Indian students who desire to pursue a career in IT.

Students who get selected for Campus 1000 program will be absorbed in the Global Innovation Hub ecosystem where they will be a part of a global team.

Powered by SkillAssure, a unique iterative training framework, Campus 1000 offers a platform for the best young minds in India.

Program Details

Course Duration - 4 months

Key Highlights

Students who clear the assessment will avail 100% sponsorship from Global Edify partners and clients.

Program Fee - INR 75,000

Registration Fee – INR 500

Launch Pad - Registration

Geography - India

Campus 1000 Program Components



  • Register for Campus 1000 online or with the authorized education partner in your state
  • Upload a 2 to 3 minutes of YouTube video introducing yourself / explaining why you wish to be a part of the program and share the link
  • Signup for the free LaunchPad program


  • Launchpad is a 20 hours self-paced learning program designed to help the learner acquire critical programing skills
  • Prepare yourself for the assessment by taking the online mock tests
  • Medium of instruction is Java

Program Elements

  • Programing Logic and Techniques
  • SQL Programming

Talent Assessments

  • Register online for the assessment on the date and time specified for your country
  • Online assessment will have two rounds where the students will be tested on their programing and SQL skills
  • Round 1 will be based on multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Round 2 will be a Code Jam
  • Students who clear the assessment will be eligible for the next phase of the program


Talent Incubation

  • Get introduced to the world of Enterprise Application Development
  • Learn the essentials needed
  • Get exposed to various components -Experience the environment

Skill Acquisition

  • Demystify Technology -Explore the Spectrum -What is new is not necessarily difficult!
  • Get introduced to the world of Technology -Learn and Apply
  • Get deep into technology learning. Hands-On: The primary approach
  • The Iterative methodology and the Best Practices followed will ensure Skill Acquisition.

Competency Development

  • Learn about the advance technology elements & frameworks.
  • Think like an expert by applying your Design and Technology Skills.
  • Exciting end to end implementation of technology
  • This phase enhances your technology adoption and thinking to implement solutions of a higher complexity and quality, focusing on competency development

Learning Iterations

  • Iteration 0 -Meet the Pre-Requisites (Address the Essentials)
  • Iteration 1 -Demystify Technology (Explore the Spectrum)
  • Iteration 2 -Deep Dive (Learn and Apply)
  • Iteration 3 -Expert Thinking (Competency Development)


Unique Iterative Framework


Project on Campus


Identify real world problems to solve


Work with peers across the world


Apply technology in creative thinking

Features and Benefits

  • Get trained from experts and get opportunity to learn about new technology
  • Work in diverse teams and implement entire projects in an Agile manner
  • Get exposed to different thinking process and skill sets
  • Certification will be provided after successful completion of project
  • Students will become an attractive proposition to prospective employers as they know the latest technology and are exposed to latest tools of the industry
  • Students will become aware of competencies expected in an employee in the industry
  • Students will get an opportunity to be a part of a Global Innovation Hub

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