Customer Testimonials

“Are we hiring freshers? Get Pratian to train them!!”
“Hire for my team if we are going with Pratian for training!”
These are a few of many conversations which we get to hear while hiring freshers!
It was in 2009; Ness hired a big lot of freshers for the first time in its history. The whole concentration was on finding the perfect model to train them; Pratian’s ‘Skill Assure’ was the best match. That’s it!
We had a fixed benchmark then! The management is now confident to hire the freshers knowing that the Skill Assure model of training can make each of them a dependable resource!
We thought the recent batch of freshers with B.Sc., BCA & MCAs could be a real challenge for us; but not indeed! The dedication from the Pratian team was so good that we could see the same in the freshers also!

The individual attention is a key which ensured that each candidate understands the concepts well & can implement it practically. We can go on writing for pages together if we get into details!
“… it was a very nice experience and I am really glad that I got such an opportunity to be a part of this training”…
“Skill Assure Model, as its name suggests, assures to pour some real time development skills into the trainee.”
“...code monkeys are shaped as professional software engineers!!”
These expressions from few of the trainees say it all!!

“Our association with Pratian is long standing and it has been an enriching journey together.

While the trainers’ expertise has helped the participants gaining deeper subject matter understanding, their interest in helping us create robust Learning Programs has resulted in an improved quality of our programs”.

Pragya Shrimali,
Learning & Development
Philips Electronics India Ltd

“Pratian team has conducted fresher training programs for us and while we have interacted regularly on feedback, I thought I should sum up our observations.
Over the course of the programs, we were impressed by your trainers who used a creative curriculum as a vehicle to impart sound programming skills and healthy professional habits.
We also appreciate your efforts to understand our needs and seek constructive feedback. The combination of technical proficiency and an unrelenting focus on higher-order learning outcomes is a strength you bring to the table. Thank you for your commitment to improving learning.”

V. Krishnan Head (Campus Force - Training and Deployment) - HCL Technologies

"Hiring fresher’s through Pratian is one of the best hiring decisions we made at ChargeBee.
Getting experienced good developers for product start-ups is next to impossible in India. PRATIANS (as we call them) are well trained, ready to go on the job and have the right skills and attitude that we were looking for.
If you compare with cost of filtering the resumes, then interviewing and then hiring and then training someone it is a huge win for us ".

KP Saravanan - Co-Founder, ChargeBee

I engaged with Pratian during my stint as the Head of Serus Corporation’s India development center. As a small company competing for competent engineering talent in Bangalore’s super-hot job market, Serus had an uphill task attracting highly talented risk-takers into the organization. Given that we were a small company with a great deal of autonomy and control in the India center, we were able to bring on board senior Architects and engineers with reasonable success.
However, it was most difficult to attract the younger engineers at the lower end of the experience scale. We turned to Pratian to support us in this process by injecting some fresh college grads into our workforce. With fierce delivery deadlines, none of our senior engineers had the bandwidth to train fresh grads – a gap that Pratian filled wonderfully.
Pratian first understood the requirements of Serus’ business and then put the student through a 3 month training program of high intensity and quality, customized to fit our business requirements. The program had checkpoints where Serus engineers had a chance to evaluate the students for their progress and suitability for the roles that were available – and fine tune the training mid-stream.
The partnership with Pratian solved not just our recruitment challenge, but also our training challenge – and as a result, we got very good engineers who could hit the ground running.

Guru Bhat

Amadeus Labs has been partnering with Pratian Technologies for the last 5 years now. Pratian manages our Campus Hire Training program. The SkillAssure program is ideally designed to make campus hires ready for the technical complexities needed for core product engineering. We are very happy with the results that we are seeing for the last few years. The engineers trained by Pratian have been exceeding all expectations of the delivery managers. We have also engaged Pratian for training programs for lateral hires. I thank Pratian Technologies for the passion they bring to their work and wish them all the best“

Best Regards,
Mani Ganeshan - Associate Vice President, Amadeus Labs

Most Fresher training programs view it as a laundry list of topics that can be 'somehow' completed in two months within a pre-determined budget, minimizing the per-person training cost, and hopefully teach some useful skills (getting a 4.5+ feedback rating from the kids is no big deal really). They key question is what did they learn, how relevant it was as a foundation and how effectively can they apply it in the first week of joining regular work - all, while being relatively independent and not leech on others time for guidance. In my experience this is the only program that delivers on those objectives.
It is designed for those organizations whose focus is to build a strong foundation of highly skilled engineers who can work seamlessly with an established team. The program focuses on foundational topics in technology that make an immediate impact on business, and covers auxiliary process skills as well to make every candidate well rounded on the day of completion. The basic premise behind the program is to go deeper than broader in creating that solid foundation - which makes scaling up relatively painless.
I would also recommend having an extended dialogue with Subbu in designing the program - his focus on meeting the end objective makes the discussion oriented towards tweaking for results rather than seem like mindless negotiation. His commitment and passion is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise crowded marketplace

Anil Sarapalli - General Manager

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