Global Innvovation Hub

Global Edify has embarked on a visionary endeavor ‘Global Innovation Hub’ to develop young talents from 16 different countries across the globe.

Global Innovation Hub aims to create several thousand young thought leaders who can apply technology and build innovative solutions to global problems by understanding the macro perspective and by skillfully collaborating with people.

Upto 150 students from 16 countries will collaborate to build innovative solutions after undergoing an advanced rapid skill acquisition program in niche technologies.

Powered by SkillAssure, a unique iterative training framework, Global Innovation Hub offers a platform for the best young minds in the world to collaborate and build best in class solutions while still in campus.

Program Details

Course Duration - 4 months

Key Highlights

Students who clear the assessment will avail 100% sponsorship from Global Edify partners and clients.

Program Fee

For Indian Students - INR 1,25,000

For Students Outside India - USD 6000

Registration Fee

For Indian Students - INR 1,000

For Students Outside India - USD 100


India, USA, Mexico, Columbia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, South Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

GIH Program Components



  • Register for Global Innovation Hub online or with the authorized education partner in your state
  • Upload a 2 to 3 minutes of YouTube video introducing yourself / explaining why you wish to be a part of the program and share the link
  • Signup for the free LaunchPad program


  • Launchpad is a 20 hours self-paced learning program designed to help the learner acquire critical programing skills
  • Prepare yourself for the assessment by taking the online mock tests
  • Medium of instruction is Java

Program Elements

  • Programing Logic and Techniques
  • SQL Programming

Talent Assessments

  • Register online for the assessment on the date and time specified for your country
  • Online assessment will have two rounds where the students will be tested on their programing and SQL skills
  • Round 1 will be based on multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • Round 2 will be a Code Jam
  • Students who clear the assessment will be eligible for the next phase of the program


Talent Incubation

  • Get introduced to the world of Enterprise Application Development
  • Learn the essentials needed
  • Get exposed to various components -Experience the environment

Skill Acquisition

  • Demystify Technology -Explore the Spectrum -What is new is not necessarily difficult!
  • Get introduced to the world of Technology -Learn and Apply
  • Get deep into technology learning. Hands-On: The primary approach
  • The Iterative methodology and the Best Practices followed will ensure Skill Acquisition.

Competency Development

  • Learn about the advance technology elements & frameworks.
  • Think like an expert by applying your Design and Technology Skills.
  • Exciting end to end implementation of technology
  • This phase enhances your technology adoption and thinking to implement solutions of a higher complexity and quality, focusing on competency development

Learning Iterations

  • Iteration 0 -Meet the Pre-Requisites (Address the Essentials)
  • Iteration 1 -Demystify Technology (Explore the Spectrum)
  • Iteration 2 -Deep Dive (Learn and Apply)
  • Iteration 3 -Expert Thinking (Competency Development)


Unique Iterative Framework

Enterprise Development

Tie it all Together. Get your Technology, Process, and Environment Skills together for a real world requirement

Wear the hat of "Design Thinking"

Get onto the Cloud Infrastructure and access the artifacts from across the world

Work with people across the globe. Team up with people in various countries to exchange information and work towards delivery

Get exposed to the Industry -This is Exciting!

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